Singular peg

Simple and clean design combines well with functionality and comfort. Extra-thin 4 millimeter-thick cast basis allows to feel the freedom of the surroundings in keeping with the best traditions of minimalism. Redundant decoration is absent, everything is moderate and clean. The items are made completely of high-quality metal with chrome coating and are not susceptible to color and stiffness change. Thanks to mounting on the double-sided foamed VHBTM tape, the accessories can be securely mounted on virtually any surface within 15 seconds. The glueline of the acrylic tape tightly fits even the porous surfaces and is able to withstand significant loads. A multipurpose mounting can easily be dismantled without leaving a trace on the wall. If necessary, the accessories can easily be moved to a different place by using the replacement glue plates.

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latten, metal alloy, chrome, penoacryl